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Amazing Sharks teeth and shell collecting Near Hilton Head with Native Son Adventures !

Megaladon sharks teeth and endless shells ! what a day we had yesterday ! we keep exploring Hilton Heads surrounding waters and finding new amazing honey holes !

Hilton Head Sharks teeth hunting at its finest!

Have you ever found a giant Sharks tooth? we know where they are ! Come join us!

The Spiny Jewel Box Shell ! A Native Son Adventures Favorite

So cool to find shells At our new spot that I have never seen on our beachs ! come see if you can find one!

Hilton Head Shell collecting at its Finest.

No you have never been to this spot . Yes the only way you will ever find it will be with Native Son Adventures.

Hilton Head Mackerel Fishing is amazing !

When its on its on ! what a three hour trip ! we caught 8 King mackerel and 3 Spanish mackerel in 2 hours ! so fun!

Surfing in Hilton head ! NATIVE SON ADVENTURES !

Such epic conditions lately and great people of all ages!

Sight Fishing Hilton Head for over 20 years …Native Son Adventures.

What a Fried Combo Platter! first trip today i had the pleasure of guiding 18 year old “SEA BASS”, He scored choke sharks teeth , watched Manta rays sky rocket ,had a dolphin encounter we will never forget. Caught ,released and learned about sharks, then sight fished a and released a 25 pound Cobia.That was a three hour “Day With A Native trip.”! Ten minutes later Captain Cory Cunningham jumped on and we had some fun with the Ultra light fly rod and ultra strong fish.! Cobia and Triple tail. I have been sight fishing four waters for or over 2o years in the low country come see what its all about…..