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Amazing Megladon Sharks teeth found near Hilton Head Island first trip of 2020 .

What an amazing way to ring in the new year ! The Hurley family‘s first fossil hunting trip ! The massive Meg’s were monster Sharks. The first showed up about 20 million years ago, (Carchadon megalodon) was what we think was the largest meat eating fish that ever lived ! Scientists can guess the sharks size by the size of the teeth and spine. These massive sharks were estimated to grow up to 45-60 feet long! and weigh up to 50 to 70 tons ! With 46 rows of teeth and a mouth up to seven feet wide they must have had one heck of a bite ! It is believed that the Megladons breeding ground was in our own South Carolina waters ! Hilton Head Island‘s local waterways offers some of the best sharks tooth hunting in the world!…

Great Crabbing , Seafood and Surfing Camps on Hilton Head . With Native Son Adventures.

Had a great Fried Combo Platter ! Surfing , fishing , crabbing ,Sharks teeth hunting and fresh seafood at Daufuskie

Surfing Hilton Head Summer 2019 Awesome ! Native Son Adventures

I can’t describe how much fun the surfing birthday parties are ! come get wet!

Sight Fishing Hilton Head for over 20 years …Native Son Adventures.

What a Fried Combo Platter! first trip today i had the pleasure of guiding 18 year old “SEA BASS”, He scored choke sharks teeth , watched Manta rays sky rocket ,had a dolphin encounter we will never forget. Caught ,released and learned about sharks, then sight fished a and released a 25 pound Cobia.That was a three hour “Day With A Native trip.”! Ten minutes later Captain Cory Cunningham jumped on and we had some fun with the Ultra light fly rod and ultra strong fish.! Cobia and Triple tail. I have been sight fishing four waters for or over 2o years in the low country come see what its all about…..

Native Son Adventures is Hilton Head Islands Sharks teeth hunting specialists!

Here are 15 fun facts about sharks teeth! come find one with us!