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Amazing Megladon Sharks teeth found near Hilton Head Island first trip of 2020 .

What an amazing way to ring in the new year ! The Hurley family‘s first fossil hunting trip ! The massive Meg’s were monster Sharks. The first showed up about 20 million years ago, (Carchadon megalodon) was what we think was the largest meat eating fish that ever lived ! Scientists can guess the sharks size by the size of the teeth and spine. These massive sharks were estimated to grow up to 45-60 feet long! and weigh up to 50 to 70 tons ! With 46 rows of teeth and a mouth up to seven feet wide they must have had one heck of a bite ! It is believed that the Megladons breeding ground was in our own South Carolina waters ! Hilton Head Island‘s local waterways offers some of the best sharks tooth hunting in the world!…

Surf with Native Son Adventures On Amazing Hilton Head Island

Kowabunga ! check out the fun times ! Surfing ,yoga , safety, health and personal growth is what we really try to work on!

Week after week of epic outdoor adventures on Hilton Head Island !

Surfing camps, fishing , sharks teeth hunting , exploring, paddling, crabbing and more! We are having the best summer! Already can’t wait till next summer ! Big things in the works!

July cracking like the fireworks of the fourth !!! So Epic ! Native Son Adventures is doing it right!

I can’t begin to tell you how great it is for our team to share the secrets of Hilton Head Island. We love our jobs and love teaching the next generation.

Hilton Head Island’s number one surf camp !! Native Son Adventures- Kowabunga!

What a perfect week of weather and surf camps! Over forty new surfers hit the water.

Surf camp Hilton Head Island ! Native Son Adventures Byron Sewell and Hilton Head outfitters.

Surfing camps, Yoga, Kayaking, canoeing, beach cruising, mountian biking, world class fishing in private lagoon and so much more! Hilton Head outfitters and Native Son Adventures is full of fun! Here are a few more pictures form another amazing Surf camp On beautiful Hilton Head Island, Palmetto Dunes resort. See ya Soon.

Hilton Head Island’s first Hydro foil Camp complete! Native SonAdventures

Have you ever been on the bow of a boat and had the pleasure of watching dolphins surfing in the wake? Its like they are truly one with the power of the wave. Sliding and gliding effortlessly in their own silent watery dance. Here is your chance to feel the sensation! Native Son Adventures is stoked now offer Hydro Foil camps. Whats a Hydro Foil and why ?? The main reason we install hydrofoils onto their watercraft is to decrease the drag of the board as it travels through the water. By decreasing the drag, the watercraft is able to travel at higher speeds. This makes the ride much  smoother, because the board rides above the reach of most of the waves.Most hydrofoils lift the watercraft that they are supporting in the same way that airplane wings keep the plane supported in…