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Hilton Heads Most diverse Outdoor pursuits company ! Native Son Adventures and Byron Sewell

No One Knows the  Hilton head Island like the Natives and Byron Sewell Fishing Surfing you name it we are the Best!

Hilton Head Island’s annual explosive Shark and Biomass migration Is just around the corner!

Every year about this time we get the call. My Central Florida ocean brothers letting me know the bite has begun! Starting in June, a massive concentration of sea life or “BIO MASS” marches north following the 70 degree tempature line as our waters warm with the summer months. This Migration has been going on for millions of years… Yes, millions. The variety of Sea life is mind blowing. It’s like the ultimate live seafood gumbo. For Native Son guides its like an annual prize fight. The Preparation, planning, and visualizing during the winter months is sure to pay off. Our favorite adversaries showing up to challenge our fly casting and light tackle skills. Tasty Tripletail, cruising Cobia, aerobatic King Mackeral, ferocious Blacktip Sharks, and so many other sea creatures spice up our local waters. This is truly a Native’s favorite time to search for…