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More fun Surf lessons daily on Hilton Head Island with Native Son Adventures.

Our passion runs deep ! we love teaching surfing to al the visitors and families that visit Hilton Head ! The small calm waves on our beach’s make for the ideal place for beginners to learn to ride the wild surf!

Great Crabbing , Seafood and Surfing Camps on Hilton Head . With Native Son Adventures.

Had a great Fried Combo Platter ! Surfing , fishing , crabbing ,Sharks teeth hunting and fresh seafood at Daufuskie

Surfing Hilton Head Summer 2019 Awesome ! Native Son Adventures

I can’t describe how much fun the surfing birthday parties are ! come get wet!

Surfing Hilton Head with Byron Sewell and the Native Son Adventures team!

We have been teaching Surfing on Hilton Head for a combined 45 years ! come get wet and ride the wild surf!

Surfing in Hilton head ! NATIVE SON ADVENTURES !

Such epic conditions lately and great people of all ages!

Hilton Head surf camp with Native Son Adventures and Byron Sewell

The Beach lessons are a great part of our surfing experience . This is where we talk about how to lay on the board , how to pop up to our surfing stance and get in to the history of surfing. we put so much into our surfing camps the stoke is contagious!

Surf with Native Son Adventures On Amazing Hilton Head Island

Kowabunga ! check out the fun times ! Surfing ,yoga , safety, health and personal growth is what we really try to work on!