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Born in Savannah Ga. because there was no hospital on Hilton Head Island at that time. “Byronie” grew up barefoot, covered in sand & salt. His home was a modest beach cottage in North Forest, just steps from the Atlantic. He was baptized by the ocean at three weeks old.

Byron’s dad, “Hurricane” Hampton Sewell, was well know up and down the East Coast for being a true waterman and pioneer surfer of his era. Hampton, or Hamp, would disappear to Cape Hatteras, Florida or the Caribbean at the first forecast for big waves from big north easter’s, tropical storms or Hurricanes. His surf van was always full to the brim with fly rods, beach rods, surfboards, sailboards, “Sadie” the families golden retriever and his Prindle catamaran in tow. “Hurricane” would hunt down wind, waves and fish. He was a champion surfer, die hard saltwater flycaster, sailor, artist, teacher and a loving father. If you ask him what his greatest achievement was, he would say teaching 1000’s of the Islands next generation to love and respect the ocean, nature and fellow human beings.

Byron’s mother Alyce “Sissy” Sewell has been known as the “mother” of the Hilton Head Island for decades. Sis and Hamp as they were known on island created the legendary Montessori-based “Kindred Spirits” children’s enrichment program. A nurturing place for after school and summer break. The Program was dedicated to education, promoting creativity, Surfing, physical activity, music, social skills and so much more. Byron started working at the school as he grew into a young man.

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For this true Hilton Head Island native, days growing up were full of fishing, surfing and exploring his little island paradise. Starting at 18 years old he spent 4-8 months a year exploring the virgin areas of Central America. In 1998, at 25 years old, he started Native Son Fly Fishing and Light tackle guide services. He was one of Hilton Heads few flats skiff charter guides. After a period of time Byron realized he would have to leave the nest and explore the world which he did guiding on surf/dive/fish expeditions in New Zealand, Australia and the French Polynesian outer islands. Learning new and different techniques, embracing different cultures and getting priceless “time in the field” he is always on the search for perfect waves, undiscovered fishing and adventure.

Captain Sewell has come back home with a passionate vision. To be with his family, island friends and to embrace the opportunity Hilton Head Island presents for teaching visitors from all over.