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Hilton Head Shells

Amazing Sharks teeth and shell collecting Near Hilton Head with Native Son Adventures !

Megaladon sharks teeth and endless shells ! what a day we had yesterday ! we keep exploring Hilton Heads surrounding waters and finding new amazing honey holes !

Hilton Head Sharks teeth hunting at its finest!

Have you ever found a giant Sharks tooth? we know where they are ! Come join us!

The Spiny Jewel Box Shell ! A Native Son Adventures Favorite

So cool to find shells At our new spot that I have never seen on our beachs ! come see if you can find one!

Hilton Head Shell collecting at its Finest.

No you have never been to this spot . Yes the only way you will ever find it will be with Native Son Adventures.

Sharks Teeth Hunting Adventure on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island has some great Sharks teeth Hunting .! with Native Son Adventures!

Giant sharks teeth on Hilton head Island and secret beach!

We are so stoked to be guiding small groups and families to our amazing sharks teeth hunting grounds ! We have beaches hat you find many and beaches that you can find giant #megladons ! Either way you go its one of the best real treasure hunts for all ages ! The kids won’t be thinking about video games at all!

Hilton Head sharks teeth hunting ! We are addicted !

Sharks Teeth Hunting is one of our favorite activities on Hilton Head and surrounding the Islands. Its a amazing treasure hunt! Most too the teeth dating back millions of years old!! can you believe that ! Come go for a Day with a Native and Lets find a giant one!

Hilton heads Shark teeth and crabbing specialist !Native Son Adventures is the best

Our Day with the Native is what happening! We love crabbing and sharks teeth hunting! No one does it like a native!