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Massive Red Drum caught Fishing Hilton Head waters! Girl Power does it again!

Exploring is everything to me. I love asking my clients “hey you guys wanna just go explore”? I find the essence of ‘fishing’ and life is looking in new areas and trying new techniques. Sometimes you hit the ball out of the park and sometimes not so much. This time we hit it out of the park, what a battle, what a surprise.  The weather had just gotten nice after weeks of grey windy cold blaaahhhh. We had the music pumping just enjoying the sun, having some laughs catching a few small Sea bass and Weakfish. Out of nowhere the big rod up on the rocket launcher started screaming,  I yelled “Fish On”! Which was fitting because I was running my long time fishing partner Captain Trent Malphrus’s New 24 foot Bad to the bone Pathfinder he named Fish On (Palmetto Lagoon Charters)….