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Kowabunga friends and families! Here we go, 2018 Hilton head summer surf and enrichment camp is on!! Out of all of the nicknames I have had in my life “SURFDOG” is my favorite! The Surfcamp is evolving and is becoming so much more than the act of surfing. Year after year working with thousands of families, I have noticed how much we need to be able to just let go of all the stresses of life. The adults and the kids are under more pressure to perform than ever. What life is really about is about connecting with the ones we love or ourselves.

Yoga, health and learning to follow my “intuition”  have become the roots of my healthy happy lifestyle. So its natural that over the years I have slowly worked these important ingredients into our daily activities. When I would enter surfing or soccer competitions, Dad would always say “son just go out there and have fun”. At a young age I thought he was crazy, all I wanted was to win. After years I realized the times I did my best surfing was when I was having the most fun and just letting go. Surfing is all about connecting with the experience and really feeling all your senses. Smelling the rich salty air, Feeling the amazing ocean cleanse your body and moving underneath your board. Laughing and playing with your new friends and family and really enjoying your dance with mother ocean.

My new friends pictured here were so fun to spend time with. We started with some breathe work and yoga. Then we did some fun radical exercises up and down the beach, finding a frisbee and incorporating that into our warm up play time! Then the fun really began! As usual the waves were perfect and the rides were awesome! Hope to see you all In the water really soon! Remember, ‘JUST HAVE FUN”