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Hilton Head Islands Best Redfishing Secret ! Capt ByronSewell in Palmetto Dunes resort!

Listen to my great friend Cindy Rodriguez! She sounds like a little girl at her tenth birthday party getting a new puppy! The energy is so contagious, some people never grow up. Lets hope none of us ever have to.

The palmetto lagoon system is unreal! 11 miles of saltwater lagoon winding through a hardwood forest. A magical concoction of Saltwater and forest birds mixed with forest critters and river dwellers. If you added all the time Captain Trent and I have spent exploring the waterways it would probably add up to a few years. No kidding, we have been fishing it since we were puppy drum.  Capt Trent owns Palmetto Lagoon charters and is one of my best friend’s and fishing guru. Eventhough I out fish him all the time. Hahaha Don’t tell him I said that! We have so many stories between us that will blow your mind and I am going to finally let a few out of the fault. Seriously these stories are crazy , from sight fishing for bank robbers to giant alligator encouters. So check in with my chronicles every so often and enjoy a crazy story! Have a great day and STAY WET!