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Have you ever been on the bow of a boat and had the pleasure of watching dolphins surfing in the wake? Its like they are truly one with the power of the wave. Sliding and gliding effortlessly in their own silent watery dance. Here is your chance to feel the sensation! Native Son Adventures is stoked now offer Hydro Foil camps.

Whats a Hydro Foil and why ?? The main reason we install hydrofoils onto their watercraft is to decrease the drag of the board as it travels through the water. By decreasing the drag, the watercraft is able to travel at higher speeds. This makes the ride much  smoother, because the board rides above the reach of most of the waves.Most hydrofoils lift the watercraft that they are supporting in the same way that airplane wings keep the plane supported in the air. With enough lift on the water foils, the hull of the watercraft is lifted out of the water. Foils create lift when the water traveling over the top surface of the foil goes faster than the water traveling over the bottom (by curving the top of the foil). Where there is faster velocity (of the water in these cases) there is lower pressure.

The main reason that hydrofoils work is because of Newton’s Third Law: for every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force. In layman’s terms, this means that for every unit of force that the hydrofoil is pushing down on the water, the water is pushing back with the same force. This resistive force is what supports the weight of the watercraft on the hydrofoil. The real reason we love to Hydro Foil is because it seems like limitless opportunities to ride wave that were unridable in the past. Open ocean swells can be ridden for miles and they aren’t even breaking pr cresting.

Come have a new experience with the Foil camp. check out, we are proud to be on their pro team, They make the best product on the market.  See ys in the water..!