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Hilton Head Island’s best family Adventures ! Foilboarding ,surfing ,fishing ,sharks teeth and more!

We have been having endless fun this summer come play ! from catching giant triple tail too finding the biggest sharks teeth in the region we know where and when to be at the right spots!

Hilton Head Island’s best outdoor kids and family adventures!

Its all about the smile and introducing the next generation to our amazing outdoors!

Sightfishing 101 Hilton Head Islands Fly fishing and light tackle specialist !

We have had some of the best sight fishing in years lately. What is Sight fishing ? when we sight fish we actually ride, walk , wade or paddle along looking for fish to show them selves or show some type off sign of their where abouts. We work as a team. Angler up forward on the bow of the vessel and  driver/spotter in the rear to put the angler in the perfect position to make the right presentation and guide the angler on where to place the lure, fly or bait. The driver/guide is usually up high to get a better view. The action can be heart pumping! Come see what sight fishing is all about!

Catching and Releasing Cobia on Hilton Head island ! Native Son Adventures!

Catching and Releasing Cobia on Hilton Head Island ! Great to let em live!!

Epic Cobia flyfishing on Hilton Head Island ! A classic story and a long tradition.

Oh what a hot topic. Things have changed a lot since the first days of cobia fishing here in the Lowcountry. We have learned so much thanks to the efforts of some people who really care about our unique waters and all the beautiful creatures in it. I just hope its not to late and that the regulations are enough. During my travels, I see almost everywhere I go that their fisheries are completely wiped out. Talking to the locals its always the same thing . “You should have seen it back in the day” . I used to think that was simply what they all say until I had to experience it for myself here in my local waters. In the early 90’s when there were only two or three of us that even new about sight fishing for…