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The fall run of Red Drum is in full affect on and near Hilton Head Island !

The cooling temperatures of fall are approaching and The fishing is really heating up. Giant schools of huge red fish are moving off shore for the winter season. It’s a great time to catch these beautiful creatures on light tackle or fly rod. Hilton Head Island and surrounding Waters has a maze of channels Shoals and structure the offer the perfect sanctuary for these schools of redfish. Give us a call, get out on the water , and have a great fall!

We love the Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Patrol !

We are proud to sell our shirts and donate a portion of the money to the Sea turtle Project. Check em out !

Come take the best surf lesson’s on Hilton Head with Native Son Adventures

Hilton Head Island is the Best place to take SURF LESSONS ! Native Son Adventures has been teaching surfing lessons longer then any other company on Hilton Head and in South Carolina ! With over 35 years of teaching surfing experience, Byron “SURF DOG ‘ Sewell has dedicated his life’s work to teaching the next generation the Joys of Surfing and the importance of water safety . Go to Trip Advisor and read out amazing reviews!

Beautiful Big Jack Crevalle caught sight fishing on Hilton Head with Native son Adventures.

We love these huge fish they are the big dogs of the sea ! so powerful and just pure predators!

Massive King Mackeral caught on Hilton Head with Native Son Adventures!

The Mackeral fishing is really on fire right now ! Capt . Cory and Capt Nick know where they are !!!! Come fishing with Native Son Adventures and possibly catch a fish of a life time!

Legendary Hawaiian waterman come to hydro foil Hilton head island with Native Son adventures and Byron Sewell. !

Wow! So freaking stoked! Gofoil’s A-Team is coming to experience Native Son Adventures foiling playground! Dave Kalama! No way! I have been inspired by his legendary waterman lifestyle since I was a young grom! and his Foiling prodigy son Austin Kalama has been breaking down the walls of foil boarding for a years now. Go Foil founder Alex Aguera can’t wait to show these guys what epic foiling playgrounds we have so close to Hilton Head Island! Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a radical time!